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Cooking/Wine Tasting Parties

Cooking in a group is always much more fun! Whether you are celebrating something special or are just looking for an activity with friends, relatives, or co-workers, consider hosting a cooking party. Gather up a group, pick a theme featuring easy-to-share dishes, and let me walk you all through making the food items.

Sushi time! Nothing is more fun than spontaneously creating tasty & visually impressive sushi rolls. Mine always use 4-6 vegetables inside the rolls to maximize color, along with a variety of veggie/herb/flower garnishes to complete the presentation.  And of course, the freshest wild caught sashimi-grade fish.

Witness five wildly different tacos made by a small group of friends at a cooking party hosted by me. The taco shells were formed in the oven, to create a shape that holds the fixings well. This was definitely a fun party, and everyone got a taste of each type of taco. I have also led many flatbread-making parties that were equally enjoyable and entertaining.

Yes, I actually hosted the wine tasting in this picture on the right with 50+ bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon! I did not cook the food, but I did ​create the wine-friendly menu and conduct the tasting for a local restaurant. Food and wine pairing "education" is immensely fun and when the combination is done right, the two taste better together than individually. I am available to help with any type of wine-related tasting party, whether it be a private or public event. Cheers!​